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Reign Of Fire

In present-day London, 12-year-old Quinn watches as his mother accidentally wakes a fire-breathing dragon from a centuries-long slumber. Twenty years later, dragons have scorched the Earth and nearly destroyed civilization.
Rated PG-13, it has violence and a lot of action!
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best):

Dungeons and Dragons - The Movie

When Profion, an evil wizard, schemes to dethrone the new empress of a mystical land, she recruits a band of adventurers (which includes a sorceress and a rogue) to find a magical artifact that will foil the wizard's plot. This artifact, the Rod of Dragon Control, gives the bearer the ability to control dragons...
Rated PG-13, it has some violence and it's not too bad for older kids and grownups.
More info here: Official D&D Movie website
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - The dragons looked pretty good, but the Gold and Reds looked TOO much alike. The golds should have look more Asian-type to match D&D's game.

It's decades on from when Bowen, in his last year of life, is given the last dragon egg in existence and he places it in a monastery for safe-keeping. Protected and cared for by the monks, the dragon is nurtured in secrecy - which is all to the good because a prophecy comes that a dragon's heart will cause the land to become ruled by evil. The new main character, apart from Drake the dragon, is Geoff (sounding more like Joff, played by Chris Masterson) who is a stablehand, but is training with a home-built fighting machine to become a knight. There's fat chance of that, however, as the addled king has appointed Lord Osric (Harry van Gorkum) as chancellor and the beastly chap is out to make it impossible for those of Geoff's class to become anything other than peasants.
Rated PG-13, it has some violence but isn't too scary. The young dragon is cute, kids might like him.
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - This movie had some cute parts (like Drake trying to breathe frost instead of fire) but the movie was dull until the last 15 minutes.


DragonHeart is the latest and arguably the greatest dragon movie so far. It stars Sean Connery (Draco's voice), Dennis Quaid (Bowen), Pete Postlethwaite (Gilbert), Dina Meyer (Kara), and David Thewlis (King Einon). It is about a young king that is mortally wounded as a child. The dragon saves him only to have the king to grow up more evil than his father. The Knight Bown hunts down the dragon to kill him for "tainting" the king with his evil heart. Bowen and the Dragon make a pact when they come to a standstill in a fight neither can win. It is twisted version of the story "The Reluctant Dragon". Even non-dragon lovers can appreciate the dazzling special effects in this one!
Rated PG-13, it has some violence and really isn't for the younger kids, but is not too bad for older ones and grownups young at heart.
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - Draco was a GORGEOUSLY done dragon! Some of the best CG I have seen in a movie. The movie was fun, but the ending was sad.

DragonSlayer is an exciting Wizard and Dragon story in the 16th century. Placed in the British countryside, a horrifying, fire-breathing dragon named Vermithrax terrorizes the area. The only hope is an aging sorcerer which is killed before he can help the people, so the responsibility falls on his young apprentice, Galen. The people think that Galen will only stand to make the monster even more deadly, and does not want him to interfer. Galen takes up the challenge, and you have to see the movie to see what happens!
Rated PG, it has some violence. But it is fit for older kids and adults who like fantasy based movies!
To know more about DragonSlayer check out:
DragonSlayer Pictures
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - My favorite dragon movie of ALL time!! Done in 1981, this is an amazing movie. Done with "stop motion' photography, the dragon, Vermithrax is VERY well done. Gorgeous work. Has a nice plot. I would NOT mind seeing this movie re-done with today's technology!

Yowler Older John and Yowler
Dragonworld is about a young American boy named John who is orphaned at 5 years old and sent to Scotland to live with his grandfather. The lonely child wishes for a friend and POOF! A baby dragon appears. John grows up, and falls on hard times. A greedy businessman tricks him into "borrowing" Yowler for an amusement park, and John must find a way to save his dragon from becoming a main attraction. Is it too late? Stars Sam MacKenzie as John McGowan.
This movie is rated PG, it's not too scary for young kids, and is available at most video rental stores.
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - The dragon is really cute in this movie. You get to see him grow up from hatchling to adult! Pretty good plot too.

Quest for Camelot
Quest Dragons
Quest for Camelot is about the daughter, Kayley, of a slain knight of the round table who goes on the search for the lost sword Excalibur. An evil knight is also on the search for the famed sword and will do anything to have it.
This movie is rated G great for all viewers!
Quest For Camelot official site
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - The dragon, was actually a two headed w/two different personality dragon, in one body! It was a cute movie.

pdtitle.gif - 8.5 K
Pete's Dragon Cover
A heartwarming musical adventure about the friendship between a young boy and his invisible pet, "Pete's Dragon" casts a ;magical spell with thrilling plot twists and a delightful blend of live action and enchanting Disney animation! Peter, a young orphan, flees from his cruel guardians to a Maine fishing town with a lovable but mischievous dragon named Elliott - his one true friend! Fortunately fro Pete, they are taken in by a kind lighthouse keeper, Nora (Helen Reddy) and her father (Mickey Rooney). But Elliott's flair for flying and disappearing at will continually gets Pete into trouble. The adventure heats up when the townsfolk try to capture Elliott for their own gain - only to discover that a fire-breathing dragon may be the only solution to an unexpected problem! An interesting mix of reallife and animation mixed together as only Disney can do.
This movie is rated G, great for the whole family.
Cubbi's Pete's Dragon Page
My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - Possibly the worst movie ever done by Disney. I really disliked this one. It was interesting to see animtation OVER real film.

The Flight Of Dragons
Flight Of Dragons
The Flight Of Dragons is created from the book by Peter Dickinson. The movie is about an evil Wizard Ommadon who threatens to destroy nature. The only hope is a modern-day scientist, Peter Dickenson who is thust into the magical world by a Nature Mage. Due to a mistake in a spell, Peter is changed into a dragon named Gorbash. Peter has to learn how to use his new dragon body properly before the adventure to get the crown. It is up to a couple Dragons, an outlaw Elf, and a noble knight to save the world of the evil wizard Ommadon.
This movie is rated NOT RATED, but would be G, great for the whole family.

My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - I loved this movie. It's based roughly on the book of the same name. They gave all the different dragons wonderfully different personalities!

Mushu the Dragon
Mulan is about a brave Chinese woman who takes her fathers place secretly to join the Chinese army to save his life. With the help of a small Chinese dragon named Mushu, she succeeds in helping the army force back an invading enemy.
This movie is rated G, great for the whole family

My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - The dragon wasn't a big part of this movie, but cute none the less. He has a nice personality, but always ends up getting in trouble!

The NeverEnding Story

The Neverending Story is about a boy Bastian reading a book who finds it's more than it looks! By reading the book he gets lost into the world called Fantasia and discovers, he is the one who needs to save it! In Fantasia, Bastian meets The Luck Dragon, Faelcore who helps the young hero accomplish his quest. There are two other sequels to this movie, all should be available on video.
This movie is rated PG, Fine for older childen.
The Neverending Story webpage

My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): - An older 80's movie. This dragon looks more like a flying dog. It's a cute movie though.

A New York loser indebted to the mob finds an unlikely ally in a flying prehistoric creature nesting atop a skyscraper.
The NYPD investigates eyewitness accounts of a gargantuan winged serpent in Manhattan and a string a senseless "ritual" killings. This movie is rated R

My Rating (1-5, 5 being best): It is a brilliant movie.



DragonFlyz Logo
Originally based on toys, DragonFlyz has become a popular animated series on TV.

The Pocket Dragon's Show
Pocket Dragons
A cartoon show based on the small dragon sculptures from Real Musgrave.
(I need info on this show)

Dungeons & Dragons
Tiamat from D&D cartoon
The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was popular in the early 80's. A group of kids take a ride on the Dungeons And Dragons ride at a carnival, and takes a turn for the worst when they end up in a world based on the fantasy game!

Record of Lodoss War
lodoss2.jpg - 21.1 K
This is the Japanese version of Dungeons and Dragons. They have several episodes out, and the dragons in this looks like they could easily beat up any from the original D&D cartoon!

DragonHalf, I need info on this show


Other movies with dragons in them:
The Sword in the Stone
The Wonderful World of Brothers Grimm
A Gift of Munsch

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