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Chinese Dragons

To the Chinese, the Imperial Dragon or Lung, is considered to be the primary of four benevolent spiritual animals, the other three being the phoenix, the unicorn and the tortoise.
Having unrivaled wizdom and power the dragon symbolized the Emperors of China themselves, who were actually called dragons. Hsi, China's first emperor, was said to have a dragon's tail.
Shen Nung, his successor was supposed to have been fathered by a dragon. The Chinese Emperor sat on a dragon throne, rode in a dragon boat and slept in a dragon bed.
To distinguish the chinese imperial dragon from all other dragons, only the Imprial Dragon bore five claws.

What They Look Like





    The Nine Entities (parts) of A Chinese Dragon 

     The dragons are said to be made up of many different types of animals of the Earth:

Head: Camel

Scales: Carp (fish) 117 scales total - 81 infused with yang, the good, and 36 infused with yin the bad. This evens out the dragons temper and personality.
Horns: Giant Stag (deer)
Eyes: hare (rabbit)
Ears: Bull
Neck: Snake
Belly: Clam
Paws: Tiger
Claws: Eagle



It is belived that the Lung is based on the Indian Nagas.

The Nagas were dragonlike beings, semi-devine snakes with human faces and serpents' tails who occupy palaces (Patala), in the watery region under the earth.
They are divided into four classes: heavenly, divine, earthly, and hidden, depending upon their function in guarding the heavenly palace, giving rainfall, draning rivers, or guarding treasures.
In Burma, the Nagas combine elements of the dragon, snake, and crocodile, and give rubies to those they favor; in addition, they guarded and protected royalty. Chinese Dragon Kites were even known to be used in warfare.

The Four Types of Dragons

In China dragons are know as Lung. There are four main kinds of Lung.

The Celestial Dragon (Tien-lung)

The Celestial Dragon protects the places of the Gods

The Spiritual Dragon (Shen-Lung)

The Spiritual Dragon controls the wind and the rain

The Earth Dragon (Ti-Lung)

The Earth Dragon controls rivers, and water on the Earth

The Underworld Dragon (Fut's-Lung)

The Underworld Dragon guards precious metals and gems.



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