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What is an Angel
History of Angels



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What is a Fairy
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Surely, we all know what angels are. They are beautiful, baby-faced, pastel-wearing, fairy-wing toting, guardian messengers that reside in the heavens. They are supernatural, superhuman, saintly, heavenly, fragile, innocent protectors of our souls. They are the embodiment of purity, of sanctity, of magic and of fate.

What is an Angel?

They are caring and they are forever youthful. They have hearts of gold and carry pixie dust. They can deliver us from evil, fly, vanish without a moment's notice and likewise reappear—they have become immortalized through our favorite holiday movies, storybooks and bedtime stories, and are taught to sit prettily atop your Christmas tree. They are pondered on and painted in some of the most famous works of Renaissance and Medieval art; and just as there are good angels there are also those who are bad; namely the angel of death, Hell's Angels, and all three of Charlie' s Angels.




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