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There is a huge selection of dragon product available for sale on the internet from a variety of quality vendors. Whether you are shopping for some a small dragon gift to buy as a present, or you would like
to purchase an elaborately detailed collectible statue to add to your collection, this dragons for sale page is a great start to your search. We try to make your search for dragon stores
very easy by breaking up the vendors into categories including: dragon statues and collectibles, ceramic dragons, soft & metal sculpture, pewter
dragons, glass, candles & incense, dragon jewelry & wearable gifts, as well as dragon & fantasy art, etc.


  Fantasy Dragon
Pearl of Wisdom   Guarded Dragon Pen Holder
This striking resin statue depicts a Chinese dragon, which is associated with wisdom, courage and strength in Asian lore, and is one of China's most recognizable icons. Sculpted in amazing detail, this dragon makes a great decorative piece and is sure to create an Oriental feel anywhere it is placed.   Add a nice touch to your desk and keep your pens in place with this unique Resin Statues Guarded Dragon Pen Holder. This pencil holder, depicting a fierce Oriental dragon, is made of resin and polished to near perfection.
Size: 4.5" x 8.5" x 1.75"   Size: 6.0" x 4.5" x 3.0"
Material: Cast Resin   Material: Cast Resin
Price: $39.99   Price: $39.99
S&H: $11.95*   S&H: $11.95*

Dragon Encircling the World

  Gold Coiled Dragon
The Chinese dragon is one of the most revered and respected symbols in China. This amazing dragon statue features a Chinese dragon grasping a pearl, symbolically wielding its power. Make this resin statue the centerpiece on any desk or table for fabulous Asian decor.   The body of this spectacular gold color Chinese dragon statue is coiled into three loops. The mouth of the dragon is open, ready to breath fire and unleash its fury. The right front claw of the dragon is gripping the eternal pearl of wisdom, so often seen with the Chinese dragon. Rings of smoke under the body of the dragon lift it off the ground, as if it were flying. This brilliant gold color statue is one of our most favorite pieces and is an awesome representation of the Oriental dragon. For more than two thousand years, the dragon was seen as the most feared and powerful creature in China. It was said to affect the weather and seas and could destroy almost anything in its path. Today the dragon is an omnipresent icon that still stands as a symbol of power and masculinity. Place this marvelous dragon statue on your desk, table or stand to create a dramatic and beautiful decorative display.
Size: 9.0" x 1.5" x 6.0"   Size: 11.5" x 6.75" x 2.0"
Material: Cast Resin   Material: Cast Resin
Price: $44.95   Price: $44.95
S&H: $11.95*   S&H: $11.95*

* - Continental USA only, HI and AK excluded. $8.50 additional fee apply for shipping to HI, AK and Canada. Contact us for shipping rates to all other countries - send E-mail to:

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