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Japanese Dragons

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The majorities of sources assert that in ancient Japan the legends and myths about the dragons moved from China, and numerous national special features were added in the course of time to them and new variations arose.

In the Japanese legends and the myths the dragon personifies the powerful godly forces, which can bear both the good and evil.

What They Look Like


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The Nine Entities (parts) of a Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragons, same as Chinese dragons, are said to be made up of many different types of animals of the Earth:

Head: Chameleon
Scales: Carp (fish)
Horns: Giant Stag (deer)
Eyes: hare (rabbit)
Ears: Water Buffalo
Neck: Snake
Belly: Clam
Paws: Tiger
Claws: Eagle

On a Trip

In a search for Japanese dragons we went to the holy island of Miyajima (or Itsukushima island).

It is a sacred site of both Shintoism and Buddhism and one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Itsukushima Shrine, was built in 593 by Saeki Kuramoto.

These beautifull Dragons are hand-carved from very light wood over 1000 years ago.  

What did you think about the Japanese Dragons?

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