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Here Be Dragons!

Here Be Dragons is your FREE online dragon resource for everything you want to know about dragons: Dragon history, dragon art, anatomy, mythology, pictures of dragons, as well as dragon links to find gifts, collectables and figurines for the dragon lover in your life.

"One map from 1430 has this text written above a ferocious creature: 'Here also are huge men having horns four feet long, and there are serpents also of such magnitude that they can eat an ox whole'.

Medieval mapmakers, with their limited knowledge of distant lands and uncharted seas, sometimes depicted dragons on the far edges of their maps."

  "The Lenox Globe (in the collection of the New York Public Library) bears the phrase 'HC SVNT DRACONES' (i.e. ' hic sunt dracones ') on the eastern coast of Asia,

'Here Be Dragons!', they warned ".

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Dragon Physiology

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This is a study of the physiology of a dragon created for HERE BE DRAGONS! and to share with the world how dragons may actually be part of this place we know as Earth. This is about what the dragon is made up of and what makes it unique in the animal world...


Chinese Dragons




To the Chinese, the Imperial Dragon or Lung, is considered to be the primary of four benevolent spiritual animals, the other three being the phoenix, the unicorn and the tortoise. Having unrivaled wizdom and power the dragon symbolized the Emperors of China themselves, who were actually called dragons. Hsi, China's first emperor, was said to have a dragon's tail...


Dragon Art

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The dragon artwork including clipart, bars, icons, animation, and backgrounds have been complied for your personal use...


Vietnamese Dragons






The Dragon in Vietnam is symbol for a Father and symbol for a Water. 80% of Viet people live on a Rice, and Rice needs a lot of Water to grow. The Dragon is a symbol of Rain - God of Rain...




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