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Fairy Tattoos

For the average tattoo lover, the fairy is one of the most practical, artistic, and aesthetically pleasing types of tattoo designs. With so many different decals and fairy designs to choose from, there is a fairy that fits every unique taste and personality. One of the most popular general fairy tattoo designs is that of a young female fairy. Ranging in design from the fair and angelic beauty to the sexy fem fatale, tattoo-art fairies are the most coveted of their kind.

Fairies can be drawn to fit almost any style; you can find anything from retro fairies to Barbie-doll fairies, from hot devilish fairies to cartoonistic fairies. One popular choice for fairy tattoos is one of Disney's own favorite character fairies: Tinkerbelle. This timeless and magical cartoon classic never goes out of style. She is half-sassy blonde-bombshell and half-innocent little girl. Tinkerbelle tattoos are perfect for those of us who can be cute or sexy, innocent or naughty. And many other female fairy tattoos are equally as feminine.

The most popularly erotic places to put your fairy tattoo are just south of your belly button, between your hip and thigh, on your lower back, shoulder, ankle, or breast. Fairy tattoos really make a statement about embracing your womanhood and the magic-like seduction powers being a girl can grant you.

And for a special twist on the average fairy tattoo: There are seven types of Irish fairies, the most perplexing of which is the haunting 'banshee' fairy. If you believe in the supernatural; in conjuring magic spells and the telling of fortunes, in superstitions and curses, prophesies and manifestations of fate, the Irish 'banshee fairy' is the right tattoo for you. With the luck of the Irish on her side, this female fairy species acts as an ancestral spirit who is appointed to forewarn Irish men and women of danger and harm, so that they can prevent it. According to Irish legend, banshees have successfully warned the members of five prominent Irish-born families and helped them to escape their ill fates: the O'Neill's, the O'Brien's, the O'Connor's, the O'Grady's, and the Kavanaugh's. So if you are Irish, or even if you believe at all in luck, having a female Irish fairy (banshee) tattoo may be the prefect deco to have on you always.




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