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Warwick Castle

The historic town of Warwick in the rural heart of England was founded on the banks of the River Avon in 914 A.D. Neighbor to Stratford -Upon Avon and Kenilworth , its location overlooking the river and its surrounding settlements was thought to be prime for building a defense fort against Danish invaders.

Warwick Castle was erected in this crucial location by William the Conqueror in 1068. For centuries, the castle was home to some of the most powerful Earls in England . The textbook-famous War of the Roses that was fought between the houses of York and Lancaster was heavily influenced by the resident Earl in the castle at Warwick .




Warwick Castle has been inhabited continuously since the Middle Ages, and has been a home for the Earls of Warwick all until recently. In 1694 there was a ‘great fire' that devastated the town—burning many of Warwick 's buildings and the nearby countryside local church to the ground. The castle, however, remained unscathed by Warwick 's ‘great fire,' and has ever since been regarded as the ablest stronghold in the town. Untouched by nature's evil flames, Warwick Castle had become the central icon of the English countryside and the blessed protector of the townspeople and country folk who flocked to it in times of despair, when even the town's church had been destroyed.


Warwick Castle 's quaint and charming grounds include a mill and engine house, a river and a small residual island, an on-site conservatory, and the Peacock and Victorian gardens. The only thing that could possibly surpass the beauty of the castle grounds would be the castle interior. Warwick Castle is home to a prize collection of antique furniture, tapestries, paintings and armor that help make the castle a memorable attraction year after year. For many tourists and history fanatics, Warwick Castle is a must see destination.


Warwick Castle and its scenic, serene castle grounds have been featured in several BBC television series and in the highly acclaimed made-for-TV movie Pride and Prejudice .



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