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Scottish Castles

Steeped richly in history, legend, and myth, the castles of Scotland are more than just the outermost shells of kingdoms past. Since the majority of Scottish castles still standing today can be traced back some 700 years, the lore of Scotland 's fine collection of medieval and pre-medieval fortresses remain unparalleled in splendor and beauty among all of the castles within the U.K.


Baltersan Castle, England


Strategically built in prime military locations so their lookouts could spy on intruders by sea, Scotland's most famous castles, such as the castle at Edinburgh, is a grand testament to the bravery of the ancient Scotsman, and a prudent reminder of the warring ways of the past.


Two of the most splendid castles of historic Scotland are Ballencrief and Baltersan. Ballencrief Castle , near Aberlady in East Lothian, has, for seven centuries, been of great interest to the peoples of Scotland . Confiscated from Lord Henry de Pinkney by King Robert the Bruce in 1307, the lands of Ballencrief have seen many stories of triumph and hardship by way of fires, battles, marriages, births and restorations. Baltersan Castle , near Maybole in Ayrshire, was built high on the cliffs of Ayr in 1584 for John Kennedy of Pennyglen and Margaret, his wife. This castle, like many other Scottish castles before it, suffered the ill fates of fire and many lives lost within its ancient castle walls.


But not all of Scotland's most prized and famed castles were built to be protective fortresses. Arnot Tower Castle , on the border of Fife and Kinross-shire, was erected early in the 15 th century merely as a grandeur estate in the scenic Scottish countryside. With 10 acres of contemporary styled gardens and elitist décor, Arnot Tower today is a popular loc a l for hosting small weddings and corporate events.


Another of the beautiful castles dotting the Scottish coast is called Glengrom Castle , situated on the northern tip of the Isle of Mull. Glengrom, from its rocky perch above the coastline, overlooks the Atlantic and has crystalline views over a 60-mile spread reaching as far as the Outer Hebrides and the Islands of Skye, Rhum and Canna. First built in 1860, Glengrom has the most dramatic scenery of all of the Scottish castles. Its authentically old-style architecture and enchanting natural surroundings gives this Scottish castle the perfect touch as a four-star B&B and a stunning place for wedding accommodations.


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Amot Castle, Scotland


Ballencrieff Castle, Scotland

Glengorm Castle, Scotland




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