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Irish Castles

Thrilling tourists and countrymen for years upon years, Ireland 's pristine, timeless castles continue to decorate the Irish countryside and seaside with a mix of history and magic. Dating back to 7,000 B.C., the ancient grounds on which Ireland's esteemed Dunluce Castle sits are complete with caves, colored cliffs, and rocky crags of sandstone, black basalt and white chalk—a breathtaking landscape that can be considered nothing less than a geologists dream.


Humewood Castle , Ireland


Irish Castles are full of tales of Nordic travelers, Christian settlers, Viking boatmen, and old Scottish Kings, Dukes, and Earls. Home to many prestigious historical leaders and their families, Dunluce Castle was the site of several battles, and saw much struggle over its ownership in the early years of the McQuillen and MacDonnell family clans.


Aside from the brilliant tales of trickery and deceit that once lived within those castle walls, scenic Ireland does indeed boast some less tragic and more quaint ancient castle accommodations. The dramatic aesthetic beauty of Ireland 's Humewood Castle is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The castle, which resides in Kiltegan, Wicklow, is an occupied, residential castle, complete with all of the modern comforts of a 21 st century home.


Irish castles come in all different fashions, from the castle ruins of Dunluce to the modern-day palace of Humewood . Resting happily in between is an Irish castle named Belleek, on the banks of the River Moy. The classic Belleek Castle is the ancestral home of the Earl of Arran, and contains its own museum collection of 16 th century armor along with a dramatic recreation of a Spanish Armada ship's Captain's Ward Room , and a candlelight dinner room for its staying guests to dine in. Belleek is an Irish castle encompassing 1,000 acres of fine Irish woodlands, whose cozy and intimate hotel conditions make it a perfect getaway for vacationers looking for a historical holiday.


Many old Irish castles have their own chapels on castle grounds, which add to the mystique and importance of these age-old forts and dwellings. What better way to experience rustic Ireland than a visit to an Irish castle, a Celtic heirloom to every Irishman's past.


Belleek Castle, Ireland

Dunluce Castle, Ireland



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