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English Castles

English castles are renowned the world over for their historic importance and physical greatness. They have played a vital role in English culture—being the center of rulership, protection, lawmaking and commerce for thousands of years. Symbols of great wealth, honor, and prestige, English Castles are only adorned in the finest adornments and only submit to the most worthy of guests.

Eastnor Castle, England


Central to the prosperity of their surrounding townships, English castles represent the very principals that are characteristic of British culture in the eyes of the world: order and supremacy. Strategically fashioned as protective strongholds, many old stone English Castles have withstood the test of time. Long lasting medieval fortresses such as England 's Warwick Castle was founded on the banks of the River Avon as long ago as 914 A.D. Bordering Stratford -Upon Avon and Kenilworth , its location overlooking the river and its surrounding settlements was thought to be a prime defense-building location to keep Danish invaders at bay.


The most talked about castle in all of the world belongs to London , England , but that, perhaps, goes without saying. The famed, lovely Windsor Castle , is the official residence of the British royal queen. Home to English royalty for over 900 years, Windsor Castle remains the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, and one of the most politically active. The Queen partakes in many traditional formal duties every year at the castle, including knighting new members into the royal Knights of the Garter in and hosting occasional ‘dine and sleep' events when various public figures and politicians are invited to spend their Easter holidays conversing together in the castles many entertainment chambers.


But while the great Warwick castle is now only ruins and the great Windsor castle is to be enjoyed only by the elitist of societies, where is there a middle ground? One example of such a castle is Eastnor Castle of Malvern Hills. This quaint and quiet English castle is special in its own right. Sitting on 5,000 acres of virtually untouched grounds, Eastnor's private parks and rolling hills take you through the woodlands and past four small lakes to the fairytale castle estate that caters to guests most commonly during the winter season on New Years and Christmas.


Warwick Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England



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