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Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle , the most famous Welsh castle still standing today, is majestically breathtaking and massive in size. With its eight tall twin towers, high-reaching curtain wall and trusty old suspension bridge, Conwy Castle is one of the most impressive and largest castles in the U.K.

Originally designed as a residence for English King Edward I, Conwy Castle was constructed in 1283 by one of the greatest architects of the time, master castle-builder James of St. George.


King Edward I saw his Welsh castle at Conwy as a proud, momentous emblem of English occupation in Northern Wales . The king saw Conwy Castle as an integral part of his master plan to surround all of Wales in “an iron ring of castles.” The Welsh population was at first, very resistant to their new English king, which is why Edward so desired to live at the castle Conwy. Conwy was the most professionally built, strategically placed, and best defended of all of the castles that were built on Welsh lands.


Conwy Castle and the surrounding town walls were erected in record-time under the strict orders of the militant English king. In the frenzied period of building activity between 1283 and 1287, historians estimate that over 1,500 craftsmen and laborers were involved in the making of the castle, during peak periods of development.


The proud Welsh Conway Castle carries with it an interesting history. Having been occupied by “Edward the Black Prince” in the 14 th century, the castle soon fell into the hands of famous Welsh trickster Owain Glyndwr, who in 1403 held the former prince captive in his own castle and later ransomed him back to the English in return for some much-needed funds.


The classic floor plan of the castle interior boasts grandeur Great Halls; the Inner Ward, the King's Hall, and several fine cellars and additional guest rooms. The suite apartments of the Inner Ward remain relatively unchanged from the time that they were occupied by King Edward and Queen Eleanor in the late 1200's. The town of Conwy and its traditional castle landmark strike a remarkable resemblance to the Conwy of old. Seven hundred years have barley aged this olden fortress, whose eight proud towers serve as a testament of the greatness of Welsh lands.





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