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Dragon Tattoos

What kind of dragon tatto is for you? The main two distinctions are between the Eastern dragon and the Western dragon. The Easter dragon is regarded as a benevolent protector of people, dispenser of life-giving water,

and herald of fertility and good fortune. The Western dragon, on the other hand, is an evil creature that destroys villages and collects and guards huge hoards of treasure.

For more information about the different types of dragons go to: What is a dragon.

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Draw dragons step by step

Whether you pick a design out of a "flash tattoo" book, have a friend draw one, or have the tattoo artist do it freehand, they are very permanent.

They are also very beautiful. Please click on the thumbnails below and look at what these awesome needle and ink artists can create! You can check out some of their links at the very bottom of the page!

This artwork was sent to us from around the world. I have asked permission from some of them.
I have put links for the Tattoo Shops that I think have done the best artwork. We love showing off your work!

TYPES OF "FLASH ART". This is the art you see in the large books or on walls when you walk into a Tattoo Shop.
This can be done by the artists themselves, or an actual published book.


dreadebonedragon.html flashblackcrawl.html flashhead.html flashline.html flashline2.html tattoothin.html
flashline3.html flashoriental.html flashoriental2.html flashorientalwing.html jadedragonflash2.html jadedragonflash1.html
winged dragon tattoo flashwingedblack.html flashblackoriental.html fairy dragon tattoo flashwingedgreen.jpg flashgreenoriental.html



bmebackblack.html bmebackdragon.html adnildragonback.html bmeblackdragonleg.html bmedragoncalf.html bmeblackfoot.html
bmehugeshoulder.html dragontattoo.html bmebackdragon2.html fullerdragonskull.html hossdualdragon.html mtmanblack.html
dragon tattoo black tattoo-dragon-black.html hosstribaldragon.html tattoo-crawl.html tattoo-lg-dragonback.html bmedragonsignet.html
hosscelticdragon.html tattoo-simpledragon.html hosstribaldragon3.html hosstribaldragon2.html bmetribal1.html bmetribaldragon.html
tattoo-bwback.html tattooblackdragon.html tattoo-2dragons.html tattoo-krissys.html bmeorientalleg.html Black_dragon_Priya.html




andiblackdragon.html andiwaterdragon.html bme asian dragon tattoo bmebluedragon.html bmecutedragon.html bmegreenback.html
bmeoriental.html tattoo dragon huge green bmepubicdragon.html coxdragon.html coxdragon2.html coxdragon3.html
dgoldmandragon.html fullerdragonknife.html fuller asian dragon tattoo hossbabydragon.html hossbabydragon2.html hoss black dragon tattoo
hossblue.html hoss blue dragon tattoo hossdragonarmwrap.html hossdragonbattle.html hossgreen.html hossgreen2.html
hossgreentrible.html hoss harley dragon tattoo hosspurple.html hosswhitedragon.html karibluedragon.html kari green dragon tattoo
karireddragon.html monkdragon.html monkdragon2.html monkdragon3.html mtmandragontiger.html mtmanreddragon.html
stevie dragon tattoo tattoo1.html dragon tattoo blue tattoo-bluedragon.html tattoo-bluedragon2.html tattoo-dragonblueback.html
dragon tattoo back urban savage dragon tattoo 1 urban savage dragons tattoo tattooramadragon.html tattoogreen.html hossdragontear.html
tattoo-asian-grey-red.html tattoo-dragon tats.html tattoo dragon 1 tattoo.html tattoo-dragon.html 100_1332_t.html  

Thanks to those who emailed me with their tattoos! Neat stuff!


What does a Dragon Tattoo Represents on a Man?

1. "To me a dragon tattoo on man is significant tot he power that they want to express, i have a chinese dragon which represents wisdom, i have a mystical dragon that relates to the surreal beauty that i have within me, one to represent that of my english background and my first to represent my inner growth". Jones.

2." I think it is not only a style like anything else, but it shows his personality. They are magical in any way. On land, in the water or even in the air. To me they are gentle creature like anything else, but when they get mad. their is no stopping it. And that is how a man wants to feel. They want to be that strong with no stopping in strength".
Jason Russo

3. "A dragon tattoo on a man would represent a warriors strength and skills.  Someone to be wary of because he knows a hundred ways to kill.  He is his own man, does not follow and fears no-one.  He is a loner but not lonely, he works best far away from human distractions.  He is someone to reckon with, someone to watch out for and someone to learn from.  He can survive and control any situation.  Keep an eye on the male dragon." Wes Horn 

What does a Dragon Tattoo Represents on a Woman?

1." A dragon tattoo on a woman would represent a fiery hot disposition.  Being independent and intelligent she needs no man.  She is the female version of the male dragon but she is far more ruthless, cunning, sly, and devious.  If a man tries to handle her, well pity him, she will crucify him.  She is well-educated and articulate.   Beware the female dragon!" Wes Horn 

2. "A dragon tattoo on a women to me represents her strength, loyalty, and protectiveness. Especially if she has a family she feels strongly about. Female dragons are know to be very protective of their nests. So on a woman these would be her symbol of her inner strength, to warn all do not mess with what is important to her". Jessica.

3. " I think a dragon tattoo on a woman represents, when provoked she will become fierce (by showing how angry and pissed off she can get); in other words, be afraid, be very afraid. Depending how the woman gets provoked, she will get physcial (in a destructive way). I also believe a dragon tattoo represents how a woman can be direct in a way to where she speaks her mind and always tell it like it is (even though it may hurt someone's feelings). One last thing, I also believe the dragon tattoo represents that a woman is not afraid to be herself, no matter what other people think about her. And she doesn't let all the comments and everything else that may have been said about her, get her down. It takes a strong woman to be comfortable with herself, and not care what other people think.
That's what I think what a dragon tattoo represents on a woman". Genoveva Duran.

Wondering how to choose a dragon for your tattoo? Read article here: Choosing the Right Dragon Tattoo.

BMEzine (warning, some adult material here)
Tattoos by HOSS
Please note that any photo marked BMEzine is under
THEIR copyright and used with their permission. Please
visit them

Copyrights go to the original artists of the Flash and Tattoos!
HBD! does not claim ownership of any of this artwork, it is for viewing only!



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