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Angel Tattoos

For the angel in all of us :  Angel tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs for men and women aged 17 to 35 in America, Western Europe, and the British colonies alike. Angel designs are so deeply desired for all that they represent; goddess-like beauty, good sense, virtuous morals, spirituality, and most important, heavenly peace.

An angel tattoo on a woman signifies that she looks inward towards her soul to find her purest sense of self. She is divine and often patient, and her presence is a gift. She protects herself but also others, and finds that sometimes beauty lies in confidence. An angel tattoo wearer believes that she deserves appreciation. She does not settle for less than she deserves and often goes where she is needed.

For a man, an angel tattoo can be symbolic of many things. Men who sport angel tattoos are often very fond of women. They often choose a sexy angel to represent their masculinity. Men with angel tattoos typically choose angels to signify that they have an angel in their life. It is a popular decal choice for men who feel strongly about a particular woman, though that is not always the case. Most commonly worn on true bad boys and cowboys, the men who have them will sware by these tattoos, saying that they help them pick up women. It is hard for any woman to resist a man who so clearly appreciates female beauty and is not afraid to wear it. This tattoo is for a man who knows a pretty girl when he sees one.     

Aside from all the biblical implications of the art form, angel tattoos are spiritually enlightening in an entirely different sense. Because angels are beautiful they are undeniably attractive to the opposite sex, and because angels have been a popular part of human mythos for centuries, it is virtually guaranteed that they will not fall out of style. However you define yourself; whether it be bold, beautiful, sensitive, sexy, spiritual, or confident, an angel tattoo will radiate your skin and maybe even give you a whole new look on life.




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